From one snake to the other – Feb. 20/15

So last week we were treated by a visitor walking along the street with a snake curled around his neck. What a treat it was to have him display this reptile to the students.

But that was last week and this is a new week, which has its own challenges. First of all, we are entering day four without water in the community. We do have potable water for cooking and drinking. However, at this time our water supply is running low, and no one knows when the water will return. Last year, the longest dry spell was six days. I am hoping we don’t break that record.

There is water running in the creek next to the school, so we will be using the creek water to keep the bathroom functional.

New Horizon 2013

And oh yes, the snake story! While we were excited to see the reptile up-close and personal last week and thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime treat, unbeknown to us we had our own reptile slithering around in the ceiling. I heard the excitement of the students in one of the classes and was immediately drawn to the scene. I arrived to see a snake approximately 18 inches long in the passageway. It was motionless—someone had taken action.Snake in class 2

After this adventure, we will be more alert going about our daily activities just in case one of our reptile friends is taking a nap in some dark corner!