A charming encounter – The Snake that came to school – Feb. 19/15

Sometimes good things happen in our days that are unplanned, but add to our lives and make things a little more interesting.

Take February 19, 2015 for example: a regular and normal day was planned for school activities, and by all accounts we were on schedule, just humming along. We were all enjoying the 29 degree temperature with a mild easterly breeze when our afternoon was interrupted.

Walking along the road in front of the school was a young man with a snake, yes a live one—a Hispaniolan boa snake—curled around his neck. I am not sure who saw it first, but the news quickly spread throughout the school and the children were very excited—at least some of them. I mean, it’s not every day we see someone walking with a snake around their neck in front of the school.

_DSC0023 (Small)

Thinking that most of the students had never seen a snake up close and personal, I invited the snake charmer into the school to introduce his pet to the students and share some information about the snake with them. Well, while the young man was welcomed, his pet certainly was not. Students were making a beeline to put as much distance between themselves and the reptile as possible. Actually, while entering the school, I could hear a teacher screaming!

Only Diana was brave enough to ask about the location the snake was found and it’s eating habits. Strangely though, once the snake was a great distance away, more students were eager to ask questions about its size and if it was poisonous. The snakes in the DR usually feed on rodents and small animals and there are no poisonous snakes in the DR.

Although it was brief, the unplanned visit was welcomed and it gave the students a chance to see a snake at close range.