Career Development Day – Feb. 18/15

In creating professional opportunities for our students, we have been looking for professionals in the community to visit us and share information about their profession with the students.

Our first community professional visitors who came to share were two police officers, who are assigned to patrol schools in the Puerto Plata area. The students were quiet and attentive when Police Officers Diaz and Joldania were introduced. Officer Diaz immediately put the students at ease. Usually the only close encounter students have with the Police iswhen there are problems in the community and law enforcement officers are called.

Police Visit 2Officer Diaz, who spoke to the students in Creole, shared with them his role in the community and what it takes to be a police officer. He encouraged them to stay in school and to be respectful to the staff, as they are functioning as their parents while the students are at school.

Police visit 1

Police visit 3After the presentation, the students wanted to know what schools the Police were assigned to and what are the benefits of having a visible Police presence.

We will continue to train and encourage our students to ask more questions after these types of presentations.