September 2014 – Chickens and Chicken Soup

The weather is unbearable hot. From time to time we may get a splatter of rain during the day to cool things down a bit, but not sufficiently to make a big difference. The plan is to install two fans in each classroom.

Things are moving along as expected in the various classes, but we have had some absenteeism due to illness, mainly the flu. A number of the students have contracted the Chikungunya virus. This is a virus carried by mosquitos; it has flu like symptoms but carries a heavier punch, headaches and achy joints.

The Grade 6 students at Riverwood Academy, Wing’s Point, Newfoundland, under the leadership of Patricia Briscoe linked into The New Horizon School by Skype. The Riverwood Academy students who are studying Core French presented our students with a play about the Three Little Pigs. Students from both schools thoroughly enjoyed the electronic linkup and the opportunity to introduce themselves and to a little bit about each other.

We have started our ‘chicken farm’; we are now the proud owners of 4 baby chicks. We are looking for sponsors to help us to increase the chicken population. $15 will purchase a layer and with feed for them for three months.

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