Three weeks into school year 2014/15

The week started like the first two weeks but ended with new events and new firsts for our school:

The electricity went off at approximately 4:15 am on Monday, September 22. This was nothing unusual as it usually goes off at least once per day. It was still off at 2:15pm; the unusual thing was that the power was on at the neighbour’s house. Our search for a possible cause in the building came up empty. About 4:45 pm, the landlord pointed to the problem—a section of the electrical cable running along the street from the electrical pole to the school building was missing. A thief came by early Monday morning, cut and stole the electrical cable—70 feet worth!!!!

We had it replaced the next day. This time we ran the wire much higher on the electrical pole.

On Thursday, September 25, The New Horizon School had a special treat as we were linked by Skype to the 6th grade class of Riverwood Academy, Wing’s Point, in Newfoundland. This class is studying Intensive Core French, and three students took the opportunity to give a small presentation on themselves.

The students in both schools were excited about the international event.

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