New School Year – New Firsts for New Horizon

The hammers are silent as the last nail has been driven in our revitalization projects. Thanks to our volunteers the new desks are in place with new posters on the walls and a fresh coat of paint on the school. The groceries have been purchased and the teachers are all ready for the new school year.

Sunday, September 7, was our final day of preparation; all hands were on deck as we go over our checklist to ensure that nothing major was overlooked. Everything seems to be in order except for the uniforms! The uniforms would be a week late. Needless to say, the teachers, parents and students were disappointed that they would not be ready in time.

With the new school year format, changing from half-day school to full-day, we were not sure what to expect even though 52 students had registered. Thirteen-year-old Manoucheca Roger was the first student to enter the school on Monday, September 8, at 7:30am, followed by another 29 students.

Two Weeks Later…

We have survived the first two weeks, which came with the expected growing pains. We have approximately 51 students now, and while it’s not business as usual, everyone is settling into their daily routine.

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