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Continuous Improvement – Beautification and Education

It is amazing that while planning ahead, dates can seem long and far away. That’s how I felt when I returned to Toronto, on July 1st. I had a whole five weeks to rest and get a few things done before heading back on August 5th.  As it turned out, those five weeks were very short and went by very quickly.

Well August 5th is here and I am heading back to Puerto Plata.

There are a number of projects to be completed before the first day of school on September 8th. Registration has begun and so far we have just under 30 students registered.  We are expecting more students during the next week. Scheduled during this time are: two professional development seminars; repairs of desks and benches; painting the interior and exterior of the school; rearranging the pantry/library, and getting the uniforms sown. If it seems a lot, it really is, would not mind a few more helping hands!!

Picking up paint
Picking up paint
Putting the paint to use
Putting the paint to use
Getting to the hard to reach places
Paul getting to the hard to reach places
The "New and Improved" New Horizon School
The “New and Improved” New Horizon School

This year will be different as school will be full time for the first time, as opposed to two half-days,  being run in the mornings and afternoons.

Paul, Arlene, and some of the New Horizon Team
Paul, Arlene, and some of the New Horizon Team
Improved educational strategies with help from our valued volunteers
Improved educational strategies with help from Patricia, a valued volunteer
Health and Safety Training Seminar
Teacher Professional Development Seminar

Stay tuned for more update!

Next Fundraising Event – November 16, 2014

On July 10th the team met to continue the planning session for the upcoming 2nd Chance International Annual Fundraising Event. It promises to be an exciting event as we share with you our experiences and achievements throughout the year, and our future plans. We know that you have been tracking our path-to-success on our blog and we will continue to keep you informed as we enter the 2014-2015 school year.

Our team – Lydia Keen, Sandra Thomas, Darlene Thompson, Fran Musial, Arlene Belle, Jim Horner, Dave Williams, and Julie Finlay, are excited about our upcoming event.   Plan to spend the afternoon with us as we continue to track the progress of The New Horizon School in Munoz.

Here are the details for this year’s fundraising event:

When:     Sunday, November 16, 2014
Where:   The Carib Club
600 Wentworth Street E, Oshawa, ON

stay tuned for further information.