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New School Year up and running – 2015/16

Some of the targeted repairs are completed and some remain on the wish list as the first day of the 2015/2016 school year begins. The two main projects which were completed are the filling of the holes in the concrete floor and the installation of a range hood for the stove. We welcomed 43 new and returning students as classes began on September 7th. This is the same number of students who ended the school year with approximately the same grade mix. There are three full-time teachers this year, one FTE and two part-time teachers down from last year.

Teacher training sessions are generally scheduled in August prior to school reopening. This August Patricia Briscoe conducted the seminar.

Along with the new beginnings of another school year filled with promises and high expectations for students and staff, comes the excitement of the first organic growth in chicken population. One of the many hens has decided that the time is right for increasing its population.